Yoga is “union”. A state of connection that utilizes breath control, various forms of meditation, and bodily postures. It is a practice that works on various levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – which cultivates a deeper awareness to intuitively listen within and EDUCATE, EMBODY, EMPOWER one’s Being.  This particular practice contains unlimited benefits in all aspects of training, performance, and overall life.  Simply focusing on the breath, prana, our vital life force, Yoga increases oxygen uptake expanding one’s lung capacity, while slowing down the mind to embody “calm in the chaos.”

As a former professional athlete and thriving in the athlete/coaching world, hearing “push through it”…”no pain, no gain,” may lead to inbalance, overtraining, and extreme levels of competition.

To honor the body and mind of All, to share through various experiences combined with education, is one of my purposes and methods to empower our future.  Through mindfulness techniques, healthy food choices, daily wellness practices, we will inspire and create positive changes in our World! When we develop a true connection within…as so without…we are much stronger, wiser, healthier, and overall more balanced!

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THURSDAYS – 6 week seriesMay 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 ; June 6

LocationMaryland SoccerPlex & Discovery Sports Center @ 18031 Central Park Circle, Boyds, MD.  20841

@ 5:30pm – 6:30pm : Youth (ages 7 – 12)
@ 6:30pm – 7:30pm : Youth & Adults

6 week program @ $150
Drop-In @ $20



                       **FlowJam 2019 : Universal Healing Arts Festival**


Location :  4371 Quarter Branch RoadLovettsville, VA, 20180United States (map)

Offering : FlowJam is Loudoun County, Virginia’s first Universal Healing Arts festival. This 3-day experience fuses healing vibes, music, dance and stimulating arts on a private farm at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. (Only an hour outside of Washington, D.C.)

We aim to bring talented local musicians, artists, healers, yoga teachers, educators, and environmental activists together in community at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We bring awareness to the importance of the healing arts through creative classes, and workshops, embracing nature and through good local music that feeds the soul. Check out the FlowJam website for more info!

Can’t wait for the main event in June? We’re planning 3 Pre-Jam’s to gear up for FlowJam and to connect with our tribe throughout the year.

In 2019, we’re dedicated to giving back to charities that support Mental Health Awareness, Alzheimer’s Research (the two biggest killers in America today) and Land Management. We will be hosting 3 events leading up to our weekend festival that will give back to these causes.

February 2nd 6pm-9pm Edge Wood Arts Center – Washington D.C, focused on healing anxiety through sound, cacao and meditation. We will be working with non-profit partners that focus on Mental Health and Anxiety relief, 70% of proceeds will go back to these non-profits.

March 22nd/23rd – Asheville, NC — We are showcasing FlowJam’s music talent and working with a non-profit partner that gives back to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

May 18th – Richmond, VA — We’re getting crafty to give back to Alzheimer’s Research. Expect movement, crafting, and open mic.





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