*WINTER 2015: Team Training Package of 8

**Results: Team Avg. 60 ft. base sprint improvement = 1.24 sec.

Our 14U softball team worked with Heather Sanden over the winter to improve their speed and agility for a jump on our spring season. What a difference! Heather can take something as seemingly natural as running and break it down to its absolute core components for tangible improvements in overall speed and team performance. Her attitude is incredibly positive…this made the “workouts” fun and productive without feeling like boot camp! The progress our team made was evident as early as the first session and continued to expand every single week. I absolutely recommend Heather for any individual athlete or team for peak performance, both physically and mentally!
Mary Ardovino, Manassas Blaze 14U


*2012 – Current: Performance Training – Soccer Goalkeeper

“For the last two years, our daughter has been engaged in personal and small group training wlisaith Heather Sanden. During this time, our daughter’s soccer skills have grown tremendously. Heather has helped her grow in not only skills, but also with knowledge and understanding of the game. Heather has a great understanding of how young athletes learn and is able to relate, no matter the age. Her ability to access the needs of youth athletes with her commitment to physical conditioning and overall wellness continue to play a major role in our daughter’s growth. We would highly recommend Heather Sanden for soccer, goalkeeper and any athletic training.”

— Allen & Lisa

*2013 & 2014 EMPOWER Sports Performance Camp Participant

“The ‘Empower’ Camp was so helpful to me, I loved it! We did strength training, skills, techniques, drills, and much more. It taught me so many things and gave me so many tips, not just about soccer; I learned how to keep my body healthy along with knowing what to eat before and after games/practices. I also learned about stretching and strength training. Overall it showed me how to be a strong, healthy, and motivated soccer player and person.”

— Jessie Dwyer
Photo: Jessie Dwyer

Last summer my daughter was making the move from a recreational level athlete to a travel athlete and she was very anxious. She thought attending Coach Sanden’s ‘EMPOWER’ Camp might give her a head start. She loved it – so much so that she cried about missing the last day because of family plans. She came home from camp with a booklet about treating her own body like a machine – take care of it and it will take care of you. She used the booklet all summer and still a full 2 seasons later consults it. It gave her the knowledge about how to treat her body, both pre-workout and post workout. Most of all it gave her the confidence to see herself as an athlete – someone who takes care of the entire package – body, mind, and spirit! Before Camp I saw her as a teenager playing sports – afterwards she was this athlete that was going to do what it takes to compete at her best level, which I think is the true definition of empowered! Thanks Coach!

Paul Dwyer

*2012 – Current: EMPOWER Sports Performance Camp & Specialty Training – Soccer Goalkeeper

“For the 2 years I have known Heather Sanden (Coach Heather to me) She has not only helped me grow and develop as goalkeeper, but as an overall soccer player and athlete as well. Coach Heather has been able to train me and my teammates in a way that allows us to learn so much about the game of soccer and how we can take the lessons we learn and use them both on and off the field. Through sports performance training she has also taught us how to be able to train smartly to not only build strength, but prevent injuries as well. Without the team practices and personal training sessions I would most definitely not be as successful of an athlete and soccer player without the outstanding coaching Heather has given me these last few years!”

— Alexa Silverman