Performance Training

Discover YOUR inner Champion with E3PT Performance TrainingEmpowerAthletes

Athletic goals vary greatly and very few achieve elite status and greatness. So what separates the truly elite athletes from the rest given equal skill? That great divide is created by physical and mental focus, along with consistent and dedicated training.

The demands on athletes are reaching higher levels. Beginning at earlier ages than ever before, injury rates and severity have steadily increased. Proper education, mental and physical preparation, performance and recovery are all critical components to ensure athletes are able to meet and exceed the demands of competition in both a safe and effective manner.

E3PT Performance Training as an individual, small group or team provides sport specific focus on all aspects for Optimal Performance that may include, but are not limited to:

  • components of individualized sports demands and energy expenditure
  • proper fueling nutrients and hydration
  • flexibility
  • injury prevention
  • power, speed, endurance
  • overall character

Experience YOUR sport specific training; which include but are not limited to: Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Track, Baseball, and Golf.