EMPOWER Sports Performance Training

Looking for top-notch Sports Performance Training for your athlete(s)?  Are your goals to improve performance both in and out of the playing arena?  Searching for an experience to EDUCATE, EMBODY, and EMPOWER your athlete?

Look no further as EMPOWER Sports Performance Training will create a safe, effective and positive athletic environment! All levels are welcome and encouraged to join! Get ahead of the competition by improving YOUR individual athletic performance skills.

EDUCATE, EMBODY, and EMPOWER your athletes with the knowledge, skills, and proper training to perform at their optimal level! E3PT delivers training tools for sport specific conditioning and overall performance improvements; including but not limited to:

*Breakdown & reform running form to enhance efficiency

*Neuromuscular Connectivity for improved balance

*Sport Specific Strengthening

*Explosiveness, Mobility, & Agility

*Injury Prevention

*Proper nutrition & Recovery

*Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness, & Imagery practices



Train Smarter, Play Stronger!

Contact E3PT for your individual, group, and team training opportunities offered on-site AND online!