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Mission: To EDUCATE, EMBODY, EMPOWER your whole being through holistic coaching programs.

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E3PT was born out of a genuine burning desire to share health, fitness and performance knowledge and experiences. It is my passion to EDUCATE across the complete spectrum of health and performance, to guide myself and others along the journey to EMBODY a mindful lifestyle for an overall improvement of well-being, and to EMPOWER all personal goals for optimal performance!

Life is about balance! We are all unique individuals in that we have our own genetic make-up and body types, passions and dislikes, challenges and successes, natural abilities and struggles. Through personal and professional experiences, extensive education and specialty certifications, as well as proven research, I will consistently support a natural holistic approach to health and wellness. These principles represent the balance between mind, body, and spirit as the three components which encompass the Whole BEing. It is apparent in today’s society, as evidenced by our world epidemic of dis-ease, that not only do we truly need but also deserve more conscious living for the betterment of our own health and future generations!

image5Throughout my career and graduation from ETSU in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, with an Exercise Science concentration, I developed an even greater interest and understanding of the many systems, functions and amazing works of the human body. Through discipline, dedication, and determination I was fortunate to enhance as a professional soccer player and fitness competitor, it became evident that sports performance, health and fitness of the human body are truly my passions in life! Through career-ending injuries and surgeries,  I realized the importance of proper care and recovery was something I previously took for granted. It became evident that empowering conscious warriors in/out of the arena of life is truly my passion and purpose!

I have always had an active, exploratory nature about my Self and others on this journey of Life. As a qualified International personal/performance coach, wellness advocate, and Yoga Teacher/Trainer, I currently live between the United States and Costa Rica.

I live to achieve the balance of a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle for myself and all I encounter!

“My education, experiences, and overall passion for myself and others drive me to be the lifelong student, successful trainer and coach I am today!” – Heather Sanden

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